The Wainman Trust has been established to raise funds for a Christian Care Complex for older people. We aim to make it a  place where residents can be part of a wider community and live life to the full, whatever their health issues.

“Good care should never be a gamble”

Vision for Care

The Wainman Trust is raising funds to build a not-for-profit Care Community in Nottinghamshire.  Specifically for older people and embracing a Christian ethos it will include a residential home and ‘close care’ apartments. The emphasis will be on creating a warm, loving and homely environment throughout with ‘person centred care’ specifically tailored to residents needs and delivered by expertly trained and dedicated staff.

We will aim to make it a place where residents can live life to the full, whatever their health issues.  A coffee shop alongside opportunities for residents and neighbours to join day trips and do activities together, will create chances to make new friends and enable participation in events in the wider community.

News and Events

Do your friends fancy themselves as food critics? Are you surrounded by Domestic Goddesses or are they more familiar with off the shelf? To raise money for the Wainman Trust we invite you to invite your friends over for an evening of all things delicious – well hopefully!

Each person brings a baked item giving a suggested £5 donation on the evening, whether it be cake, pie or tart, we leave that up to you. You may want to have a chocolate themed evening, ask everyone to bake the same thing and have a carrot cake evening or just just let your guests bake their favourites.

What you need to do
(All materials available for download on the Wainman Trust website. Download the instructions here.)

  1. Pick a day and venue and invite your friends using the invitation provided.
  2. When guests arrive, take their entry and give it a Place Card number. Make sure you keep a list of names and corresponding numbers, so you can announce the winner. Try not to let other guests see the entries as they come in, this keeps it truly anonymous until the winner is announced, only you should know.
  3. Hand out the score sheets and let the people eat cake! (In the interests of hygiene you may want to provide a spoon per individual per pudding entry!)
  4. Collect the score sheets and the entry with the highest score is the winner. You could present them with our winners certificate and a small prize of your choosing.
  5. Take a photo of the winner with their bake, send it to us and with their permission we’ll pop it on our website. If they are happy to share their recipe with us, all the better.
  6. Send us any money you have raised.


A massive THANK YOU!