Legacies and Investments

Give in celebration

Perhaps you are approaching a birthday or anniversary celebration and you’re at a loss for gift ideas when people ask you what you’d like? Then why not consider asking your friends and family to make a gift to the Wainman Trust instead of giving presents this year? By supporting us in this way, you are helping others to share in your celebration and impacting their lives for the better through your generosity.

For more information, please contact us.

Give in memory

When we lose a loved one it can be really hard to say goodbye. So as a special way to celebrate their life, here are several ways in which you might consider raising money in their memory.

One way is to ask for donations instead of flowers at the funeral, a popular choice in recent years. Alternatively, or in addition, perhaps you might like to mark the anniversary each year with an ‘in memory’ donation. Whatever you decide, you will be helping the Wainman Trust to deliver exceptional care beyond your loved one’s lifetime.


Legacies offer an opportunity for everyone to contribute to a cause close to their heart and they don’t have to be massive sums of money to make a difference. After you have made provision for your nearest and dearest, a gift in your Will to the Wainman Trust will help us to deliver revolutionary care for the elderly in Nottingham for generations to come.

So when you come to make or revise your Will, please consider leaving a legacy gift to the Wainman Trust. By doing so, you will be blessing the lives of others way beyond your own lifetime.

For more information please contact us.


Banks and building societies are giving very poor returns on our money at the moment, but once the home is open a loan to the Trust over 3-4 years could generate a much better interest rate. If you feel you can help in this way or you would like to invest to help us get the project started please contact us and we will be very happy to discuss it with you personally.